Republic Military Ranks

This is directory from the CODEX entries within the game

Republic Military Ranks

Like all military organizations, the Republic Army and Navy rely on ranking hierarchies to maintain a clear chain of command.  These ranks are listed below, from highest responsibility to lowest.  Unless otherwise noted, ranks are used across service branches:

  1. Supreme Commander
  2. General (Army), Admiral (Navy)
  3. Colonel (Army), Commodore (Navy)
  4. Major (Army), Group Captain (Navy)
  5. Captain
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Ensign
  8. Sergeant (Army), Petty Officer (Navy)
  9. Corporal
  10. Specialist
  11. Private

The term “Commander” may be used to describe anyone in a position of command and is not reserved for a special rank.

Due to the great diversity of service personnel present in the Republic military, regulations specify that the honorific “sir” should be used when addressing any personnel of higher rank than oneself, regardless of the species, gender, or position of the addresses.

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BH before anyone else?

Next conversation of Doc’s seems to suggest that BH takes place before anyone else, at least before JK, and therefore before IA.

In this conversation, Nem’ro is dead.  Since throughout most of BH’s mission, Nem’ro is alive, I guess this means BH took place before JK.

And then I think I remember reference of Nem’ro in SW’s Quesh mission, so at the minimum, SW Act 2 took place before end of JK Act 3.

This is kinda fun…

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Does this mean JK is at a time before IA?

Just got to the Doc quest of “Healing a Hutt”.  Clearly this took place before Kaliyo left Nem’ro’s employment.  I guess this means JK story took place BEFORE IA.

Of course, once can say that I took my time with Doc, and this sequence could have happened sooner.  However, consider you don’t get Doc until towards later part of Act 2, and Kaliyo left Nem’ro before IA finishes starting zone, I think JK timeline took place before IA is a safe bet.

Now I’m really intrigued.  I wonder if I can piece together the overall timeline?  For example, I know Vette reference Risha.  Maybe that I will allow me to connect those two….

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More character slots!!!!

What a pleasant surprise?
Monday’s patch introduced the ability to purchase additional character slots with Cartel Coins. This is perhaps the single best feature ever.

I’ve always felt that the current number of character slots is utterly insufficient given the emphasis on the legacy system. With this change I can now really build up my legacy. Yay!

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iPage vs JustHost vs HostGator

The winner: HostGator

I used to have MidPhase as my provider. They were reasonably priced, and relatively smooth. For a good 5 years I had no issues. However, recently my WordPress blogs were starting to get random and frequent 500 Internal Server Errors. The server status indicates that they are aware of this issue (and apparently, 20+ other issues).

After patiently waiting for 2 weeks I decided that it’s time to move on to another provider. I did my research online, and found iPage and JustHost seemed to be the two top players, with iPage seems to be getting a little upper hand (mostly due to the price, I believe). The price and feature set offered by both were amazing. After looking at what they offered, just price alone told me that I needed to move off Midphase. Both iPage and Just Host offer unlimited MySQL DB and unlimited subdomains for a price lower than single DB and single subdomain package from Midphase. To get unlimited DB and unlimited subdomains, I had to pay another $29.95/year at Midphase to add the developer pack.

I started with iPage. While I have a bit preference for cpanel, I didn’t mind vdeck. However, right away I noticed that the page loading speed was not great. There were visible delay moving from one page to another. I decided that I could live with this.

Moving my current site content to iPage turned out to be extremely difficult. I had a WordPress Multisite blog network on my old server.  Since iPage does not offer cpanel, I could not use the website backup utility built into cpanel. I found this site and followed the directions. No matter what I do, I could not make it work.  As soon as I imported the database, I started getting all sorts of DB connection errors. 

iPage offers a ticketing system for support (to get real time support I’d have to buy the premium package).  The response time for tickets are typically more than 1 day, and was not super helpful.  At least with Midphase they would point to to potential articles online that might help, if they were not able to help you directly.  iPage didn’t really provide any useful leads, let alone direct help.  Instead, they offered a $75/hour to help me move my content.  I didn’t go for it, but soon I found I was more than 1 week into the process and still was not able to move my old site content. 

At this point I decided to give JustHost a try.  I was glad that they offer cpanel.  Unfortunately, for some reason, cpanel site back up and restore did not work and I was back to moving the contents individually, again.  Like iPage, JustHost offers support via ticketing system.  However, unlike iPage, JustHost does not offer a way to manage all your open tickets.  Instead, you start the support request with the online form, and then do the rest via emails.  Their response time was even worse than iPage (often close to 2 days) and again, were not very helpful.  I tried their Live Chat.  The queue was on the long side (usually more than 5 min wait.  Ran into 10+ min a few times), which was fine.  However, even when you are connected with a support personnel, their response time within the chat session were very long, too (often took more than 5 min for them to reply to my inquiries) because they were serving many people at the same time.  The worst part was, they were not helpful.

Two weeks and two new hosts providers, and I was nowhere close to move my site.

Maybe I am unrealistic in my expectations, but the level of support surprised me, as the online reviews raved about the support iPage and JustHost provide.  After doing more research I found HostGator.  HostGator and BlueHost.  Online reviews tend to rate HostGator and BlueHost on par with each other, but below iPage and JustHost.  I think it’s because both HostGator and BlueHost are higher price than iPage and JustHost.  However, we are talking about $2.99/month vs. $3.95/month.  It’s really not that big an amount in the grand scheme of things.  It’s $12/year difference.  Meanwhile, the agony I’ve been going through trying to transfer my website would probably cost me a lot more.

I decided to give HostGator a try.  Right away I noticed that their site loads a lot faster than either iPage or JustHost.  To be the on cautious side, I decided to try out their Live Chat to see how their support system is.  The queue was longish (about 7 min), but I was pleasantly surprised by the quick and knowledgeable response of the support personnel on the other side.  Then I asked what kind of help they can provide to help me move my current site and found a pleasant surprise”: they offer a one-time service to transfer your old site contents to HostGator for free!  WoW!

The support person gave me an URL and instructed me to go that site after I signed up for an HostGator account to start the site transfer process, which I did.  Signing up for a new account was instantaneous, just like iPage and JustHost.  Upon filling out the form to request for content transfer, I received a confirmation, informing me that the process will take up to 72 hours (3 days).  However, 12 hours later my site was fully transferred and operational.

HostGator gives you a test URL to test your site after the transfer.  Any issue you find you report it via replying the confirmation email.  The site transfer was clean and successful, and everything worked like a charm.  However, I found an unpleasant side effect: in transferring my old site content, they renamed my cpanel username to match my old username on midphase.  I happen to really dislike that username, which was given to me with no way to change it.  I also happened to really like the username HostGator gave me and was quite upset that it got replaced by the old username.  I reported back to the email and asked about the change, and received a reply within 2 hours.  The support person told me that the content transfer system they user transfer the username as well, and that changing cpanel username is not something they normally do due to the complexity involved.  However, he also gave me a one-time service and change it for me and I now have the username I like back.  Needless to say I was very pleased.

As with any new providers I transfer to, I have been probing around the service and trying out new things.  So far I have contacted Live Chat about 5 times and used email support about 2 times.  Each time the response time was reasonable and my issues/questions were resolved extremely satisfactorily.  I am a very happy customer right now.  I think I will be staying with them for quite some time.

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Jedi Counselor story is a drag

So I got a bit tired of the main toons and thought I’d play Jedi Counselor a bit.  Man it’s a drag.  So there’s this master who seems weaker than you from the get go (supposedly, you are more attuned to the force at age 4 than she was at age 15).   She sent you to gather some artifacts, and then she has all these questions.  And then she’s sick and for whatever reason you feel that it’s your duty to save her at all cost. 

Really?  Come on!  She has not earned her position, yet.  Why the loyalty? 

Then there’s the boring Republic side of the storyline. 

<sigh>  I don’t think this is what Lucas has in mind. :(

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Got me for a second there…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3) (via Cheat Code Central)

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ Video Game Trailers Review Cheat mode Successfully complete the first mission. Pause the game, and select the “Input Code” option. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Alternately, successfully complete the first mission…

Continue reading

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SWTOR F2P is encouraging ninja looters

For an established company like EA, SWTOR F2P sure is making a lot of mistakes.  The latest being the limitation placed on F2P that is encouraging ninja looters.

I created a F2P account to experience additional stories (they really need to allow us to buy more character slots).  On a mission in Tython, I saw 3 mobs guarding a chest and went for it.  While I was fighting the mobs, right next to the chest, someone came in and ninja looted the chest.

Let’s put aside for a second that F2P invites a lot of noobs who do not understand the basic etiquette of MMOs.  Normally, when something like this happen, I would do the following:

  1. First I would whisper the person to let them know that it’s against the MMO etiquette to ninja-loot.  If they apologize, I let it go.
  2. If they don’t respond or do not show remorse, I would then broadcast it to the /general channel, warning people that this particular player is a ninja looter.  This often shame the player to at least leave the area for a while.

Now, SWTOR has this brilliant idea that F2P accounts cannot /w someone that’s not a friend.  So step 1 above is out.  Then it further restrict that F2P accounts can only chat in /general every so often (don’t know the exact duration, but it was pretty long).  Since I had answered a question in /general not too long ago, I wasn’t able to warning folks about this person.  So I sat there, mad as hell, and had no outlet.  Worse yet, I had to watch the same player doing this to many other players, and could do nothing.

Seriously, EA/Bioware, the thing about F2P is to rope people in to try the game, like it so much that they start spending money on it, either via subscription or micro-payments.  Being ninja-looted and can’t do anything about it because of these arbitrary restrictions is just stupid.

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Don’t get Doc, at all

I can see him being a potential love interest for a Dark-Side Smuggler.  But as the LI for the JK, it’s just not resonating with me.  I tried to play along with the flirt, but it’s really not working.


I have to agree with Kira: do we have to save him, too?

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And you thought you needed to pay an arm and a leg for IT support….

How to fix any computer

Who needs IT when the solution is so straight forward?  :)

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