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BH before anyone else?

Next conversation of Doc’s seems to suggest that BH takes place before anyone else, at least before JK, and therefore before IA. In this conversation, Nem’ro is dead.  Since throughout most of BH’s mission, Nem’ro is alive, I guess this … Continue reading

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Does this mean JK is at a time before IA?

Just got to the Doc quest of “Healing a Hutt”.  Clearly this took place before Kaliyo left Nem’ro’s employment.  I guess this means JK story took place BEFORE IA. Of course, once can say that I took my time with … Continue reading

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More character slots!!!!

What a pleasant surprise? Monday’s patch introduced the ability to purchase additional character slots with Cartel Coins. This is perhaps the single best feature ever. I’ve always felt that the current number of character slots is utterly insufficient given the … Continue reading

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iPage vs JustHost vs HostGator

The winner: HostGator I used to have MidPhase as my provider. They were reasonably priced, and relatively smooth. For a good 5 years I had no issues. However, recently my WordPress blogs were starting to get random and frequent 500 … Continue reading

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Jedi Counselor story is a drag

So I got a bit tired of the main toons and thought I’d play Jedi Counselor a bit.  Man it’s a drag.  So there’s this master who seems weaker than you from the get go (supposedly, you are more attuned … Continue reading

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Got me for a second there…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 3 (PS3) (via Cheat Code Central) Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ Video Game Trailers Review Cheat mode Successfully complete the first mission. Pause the game, and select the … Continue reading

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SWTOR F2P is encouraging ninja looters

For an established company like EA, SWTOR F2P sure is making a lot of mistakes.  The latest being the limitation placed on F2P that is encouraging ninja looters. I created a F2P account to experience additional stories (they really need … Continue reading

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Don’t get Doc, at all

I can see him being a potential love interest for a Dark-Side Smuggler.  But as the LI for the JK, it’s just not resonating with me.  I tried to play along with the flirt, but it’s really not working.   … Continue reading

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And you thought you needed to pay an arm and a leg for IT support….

Who needs IT when the solution is so straight forward? 

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Switching Gears

So I was all ready to restart my Sith Warrior, Soteirian.  Then I got bored.  I mean, I did finish the SW storyline once already.  Despite the fact that I really like the story, I’ve not been able get motivated … Continue reading

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