Empire Military Ranks

Finally, someone at Tumblr posted this wonder info:

ImperiAL Rank Guide

To make it easier to read, here’s the re-type of the ranks:

  1. Grand Admiral
  2. Grand Moff
  3. Moff
  4. High Admiral
  5. Fleet Admiral
  6. Admiral
  7. Vice Admiral
  8. Brigadier
  9. High General
  10. Major General
  11. General
  12. Commodore
  13. High Colonel
  14. Colonel
  15. Line Captain
  16. Captain
  17. Cmdr (Navy)
  18. Commander
  19. Lt Cmdr
  20. Lt (Navy)
  21. Lt (Army)
  22. Sub Lieut
  23. Ensign
  24. Cadet

Of course, an obvious missing one is “Major”, as in “Major Ovech”. 

In any case, I can now check this action item off (for a little while).

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For some reason, military ranks on the Empire side seems to be much harder to nail down than the Republic side.  Maybe I just have not found the right datacron (although I’ve been searching on the internet for the datacron that would give me this info and not finding it).

In any case, unlike the Republic side, where I have definitive answer to the military ranks, for Empire side this will be a work in progress, until I sort through them all.

  1. Grand Moff
  2. Moff
  3. Admiral?
  4. General
  5. Colonel
  6. Major
  7. Captain
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Second Lieutenant
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