Switching Gears

So I was all ready to restart my Sith Warrior, Soteirian.  Then I got bored.  I mean, I did finish the SW storyline once already.  Despite the fact that I really like the story, I’ve not been able get motivated to make an effort there.

What I have been missing, though, is the Republic side.  I’ve heard a lot about the Jedi Knight storyline, and how it’s the main story in the game.  So I decided to go with it. 

My main on the Republic side is Jaxxia. 


She’s a Jedi Sentinel (the DPS AC for Jedi Knight).  She’s a Miraluka (kinda tired of Human race for a while). 

In my head-cannon, she’s Soteirian’s mother.  I have quite a bit of story formed around how a Jedi Knight came to have a Sith Warrior daughter, but I’m gonna have to play through the story to see if that makes sense.

Stay tuned.

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