Introducing: Soteirian

My main is a Sith Warrior.  Soteirian is her name.  She’s a Juggernaut.  At the time of this post she’s level 28.  Just completed Balmorra, included the Bonus Series, and landed at Nar Shaddaa.  I’m not sure if I will revisit her older journey or just start with Nar Shaddaa.  We’ll see.

Anyways, here’s Soteirian:


Name: Soteirian Starbinder
Race: Human
Class: Sith Warrior
Advanced Class: Juggernaut(Defense)
Alignment: Light Side

Technically this is my third Soteirian.  I started out with her being a Sith Sorcerer and deleted her at level 39 because I was confused as hell.  Then I decided to go back to my comfort zone (i.e. melee dps) and created a Sith Marauder. Played her to level 50 with DS V Alignment.  Marauder was fun to play, and the duel-lightsaber looks really cool.  However, I was having a hard time connect with her as the DS choices are just very foreign to me.  I was unable to understand her choices.  On top of that, I could not stand Dark Side Jaesa.  As a result, once hitting level 50 she was completely benched.  I decided to delete her and start over.

So far I am really enjoying the latest round of adventure.  Since I like the story I take my time exploring each planet and hit all the quests.  In addition, since I don’t have too much time in general, my character usually have a lot of rest points..  What this means is that I am usually over-leveled for the zone I am questing, evident by the fact that Soteirian is level 28 and just got to Nar Shaddaa..  I am OK with that, though.  It allows me to take my time and experience the stories.

Soteirian is playful and doesn’t take too many things seriously.  I haven’t decided if she’s really loyal to the Empire or not.  We’ll see.


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