SWTOR Patch 1.4 is coming

How about that?  The day after I blog about SWTOR dying, they gave us a nice little surprise” server maintenance tonight, for Patch 1.4.

This might be the first unscheduled maintenance that people have positive response about.  It took everyone by surprise.  A lot of people were thinking patch 1.4 won’t come in until October/November time.  This is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Patch 1.4 will offer a lot of changes.  Personally I am most excited about the Companion Customization features.  Specifically, I am most excited about the ability to turn off companion heads.  I have been irked to no end by all the ugly head gears in this game.  When you put so much effort into producing such beautiful companions, why cover them with such ugly headgear?  Seriously.  I am so happy about this change.

Still not feeling optimistic about the future of the game, but at least slightly encouraged by this.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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