TV Show: Supernatural

I recently started watching the TV show, Supernatural.  I am only up to second half of Season 2, but so far I’ve found it quite enjoyable.  I like the interaction between the two main characters, Dean and Sam Winchester. 

I find the constant reference of there being slash fanfics on them and the inevitable “they know we are brothers, right?” hilarious. 

The two brothers have a casual, mutually abusive (like all siblings do), and yet endearing relationship towards one another.

I find the father a very interesting character.  He clearly loved his sons, yet don’t know how to forge the right relationship with them.  The blind faith Dean has for his father is almost tragic.

The mother is a 100% perfect character.  Beautiful, loving, and self-sacrificing.  Normally I don’t go for perfect characters like that (I find them artificial) but Mary Winchester has so far managing to not trigger that negative feeling in me.  Wonder if it’s the character or if it’s just that she doesn’t have enough screen time to trigger that. Smile

Other than Mary, however, not into the rest of the female characters.  Jessica doesn’t have enough screen time to make any impression with me whatsoever.  Meg is evil, but doesn’t seem to really serve the appropriate purpose.  Ellen seems like she should be playing the type of “Hunter Mom” that the Winchester boys needed, but the lack of bond between them made this a moot point.  I guess Jo was supposed to be Dean’s love interest.  However, the actress playing her looked so young that I feel she’s in high school.  Makes the whole romantic thing kinda creepy.  Thank god none of these are severe enough to deter me from enjoying the show.

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