Found a great site with comment spam control information

In an earlier post I commented about the nightmare of comment spams.  It was getting completely out of control.  I was getting, on the average, 20+ comment spam every hour.  It was crazy!

Then I found this : How to Identify and Control Blog Comment Spam on WordPress.

There are a lot of sites that talk about how to control comment spams.  Some of them are really good, too.  However, I really like the way this site presents the information in a structured, step-by-step way.   I learned quite a bit about the various aspects of comment spams and the tools available to combat them.

I implemented the following:

  • Settings:
    • Comment author must have a previously approved comment
    • Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
    • Turn off trackbacks
  • Plug-ins
    • G.A.S.P.
    • Akismet

It’s been 2 days now and I have received ZERO comment spams.  I don’t expect this nice streak to continue forever, but it’s been great living spam-free while it lasted.

Kudos to the author!

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